Thinking Outside the Box

I've always been a creative person. It's has actually landed me in trouble occasionally.

When I was in the second grade, I was doing a homework assignment where one of the questions was about the water cycle, and it ended with "...draw a conclusion about..." I took that to mean literally draw a picture of what would happen for that particular scenario, so I drew out a very detailed and clear illustrated diagram (what would now probably be considered an infographic) of the water cycle. While my teacher commended my efforts and marked my answer right - because I did answer the question, just not with words - she sat me down to make sure I understood what that statement actually meant.

Being in second grade and the shy kid that I was, I just took it as a misunderstanding on my part and apologized for not following directions. Now that I look back on it I realize that maybe in terms of the directions I misunderstood, but there was more than one way to answer that question.

That's how a lot of life's problems are. There is more than one right answer to any given problem, it's just a matter of finding the best suited and most efficient solution. Designers find those solutions, clean them up, and make them presentable, marketable, and sellable to the public. When someone initially hears of a solution to a problem, they may think "oh that's crazy!" but once it's cleaned up and presented, it becomes an "oh of course that works!" moment. 


Ryan DavidsonComment