The Art of Writing It Down


I've recently discovered the art of writing things down, pen to paper.

Whether it's wireframe sketches for a site, drawing out the layer order for a screen print, figuring out the dimensions of a packaging project, or simply just getting some ideas down on paper and making a to-do list, something about it feels right.

In a time where technology consumes our lives (and as I type this on my iPhone) physically writing things down has become less and less popular. Some may argue against it because phones and computers have numerous apps that can take your notes and sync them across all your devices. Ask me how many times the battery on my notebook and pen has died. Also, nothing feels better than physcially crossing something off a to-do list. 

Additionally, there's been a study done that proved that you better retain information after physically writing it down. Your brain helps your hand produce your thoughts onto paper and make the letterforms. There's more connection there than there is when you simply press a key on a keyboard. Hell, some people can even type without looking at the keyboard and screen.