Jack's Supply Co.

Jack's Supply Co.

concept + design + packaging

Jack's Supply Co. is a lumberjack supply company turned hardware store.

What originally started as a small family run business in the northeast, has grown into an all encompassing parts and labor supplier. Founded in 1965, during a time where logging was popular, their roots are in logging and logging supplies, but they now offer a full range of hardware, tools, advice, and labor. Whether you have a lengthy honey-do list after a long winter, or you decided you want a weekend DIY project, Jack's has it all. 

The identity and packaging is inherent of their roots, alluding to the bold, rigid ideals they were founded on. The packaging is designed to be reusable, so after you get your products home, the boxes can be used as storage and organizers on your workbench. 

This project received an Award at the 2015 AIGA South Carolina InShow 20, and is currently traveling with AIGA to design conferences around the nation.